How to: Coffee

If you watch the news, or just went outside yesterday, you will know that the country had a nation wide heat wave that broke so many records across the states that it is probably difficult for anti-global warming advocates to keep denying that nothing is wrong. Don’t worry, even though I love politics, I’m not going to lecture you, but instead help you stay cool in the morning with this creamy iced coffee.

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I absolutely love iced coffee, especially in the summer. For the longest time I tried to make my own at home with little to no success. I could never get it right, sometimes it was way to watery and others it was so strong no amount of creamer and sugar made it taste good. Then, the great Ree Drummond from the FoodNetwork and from Pioneer Woman gave the world her iced coffee recipe and the rest is history! This iced coffee is so smooth, creamy and just perfect for the hot summer mornings when hot coffee is the last thing on your mind.

So, get yourself one of those reusable iced drink cups, a pound of coffee and get yourself in the kitchen.

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Coffee – I wont allow you to use anything but Café Bustelo trust me

Creamer – optional

Sugar – optional

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1. You can really make this recipe as big or small as you want.

2. You will use 2 tablespoons of coffee for each cup of water. My container holds 7 cups of water so I usually use 14 tablespoons of coffee.

3. Place the coffee in the container, pour in the water and stir to incorporate.

4. Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours.

5. After the chill period, strain the coffee into a new container. Use a strainer with a cheese cloth inside to catch all the coffee (I use two napkins, because I don’t have cheese cloth).

6. After I pour myself a cup, add some creamer and sugar and you are ready!

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Tips and Tricks

1. If you like a lighter coffee use a few less tablespoons. If you want a stronger coffee use a few more tablespoons. Usually for the seven cups I will use 2 more tablespoons (so 16 tablespoons for 7 cups).

2. You don’t have to use creamer or sugar, but the creamer makes the coffee smooth and creamy.

3. Experiment, Experiment. Try flavored creamers or add vanilla or almond flavoring in the morning.

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