My name is Jessica and I am currently in my second year of law school! I have always loved cooking and have had many thoughts about going to culinary school, but decided to attend law school instead. addsomesaltandpepper is my space to learn and master culinary skills on my own. I have a base set of skills under my belt already, and I want to continue to learn. In this process I will be using many resources to help me. I receive the foodnetwork magazine each month, I will be cooking with the Better Homes and Gardens New CookBook (The gift addition), and I have just purchased the book How to Cook Everything The Basics: All you Need to Make Great Food by Mark Bittman, and I will also of course use blogs and whatever other recipes and magazines I pick up. I will let you know where I am taking the recipes from as well as which book has given me the techniques I am using so that you can follow along (of course some of the things I know come from previous experience).

I hope you enjoy and that you learn something along the way with me! If you have any questions or want to me to talk about a specific topic, please leave me a comment and let me know and I would love to help you out!

Books I will be using:

If you want to contact me, ask me any questions or request a topic for me to discuss you can email me at addsomesaltandpepper@gmail.com

(Disclaimer: I am not a professional cook and I am not claiming to know everything about cooking. This site is my own thoughts and feelings. This is not meant to be any type of professional, medical, or dietary device. Thanks!)


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