Eggplant Mozzarella Sandwich

I usually don’t take pictures of the process it takes me to make each recipe, not because I don’t want to I do, but to be honest, I am a little bit of a mess when I cook. I usually spend the entire day thinking about what I am going to make that by the time it gets there I want the end result to come so fast that my kitchen ends up looking like a storm rolled through. Its not pretty, and let’s get real the end result is what we are really waiting for! So, if you ever read this blog and think “hey I don’t know how to do that step” just let me know and I can explain or take a picture/video!

This recipe was such a mess I didn’t even want to touch my camera for fear that slimy, eggy, floury, hands would ruin it! But, of course the end result was delicious!

eggplant 011


Eggplant (1-2 medium sized)

salt and pepper


3 eggs whisked

Oil (I used olive oil)




Spaghetti Sauce

eggplant 009

This seems like a lot of steps, but it really isn’t. I just broke them down so they would be easier to digest. (pun intended!)

1. Heat the oven to 200, you will use the oven to keep the eggplant warm while you fry.

2. Slice the eggplant ends off and then make slices of 1/2 inch. I like them a little thinner so use your judgment.

3. Salt the eggplant and leave it in a colander for 30 or longer. This will bring out the bitterness of the eggplant.

4. While that stands, in one bowl put flour (I didn’t say how much, because it really depends on how much eggplant you have, start with one cup). In the next bowl whisk three eggs. In the next bowl put the breadcrumbs (again you can start with one cup).

5. When the eggplant is ready rinse it off and dry it. Then working with one piece at a time, place it in the flour to coat, then shake off the excess. Place in the egg to coat and shake off the excess. Place in the bread crumbs to coat.

6. Place the breaded eggplant on a cookie sheet and once all are done place in the fridge to cool for 10-30min.

7. While that sits you can slice your bread and slice the mozzarella and slowly heat the tomato sauce.

8. Heat in a pan enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan and then some. Once the oil is ready (flick some flour in the oil and when it sizzles immediately it is ready). Place eggplant in the pan, but do not crowd it. Heat on each side for 2-3 minutes.

9. Once cooked transfer to a plate with napkins to drain the oil and then transfer to a pan that you will place in the oven to say warm.

10. You will need to play with the heat on the pan so that the oil stays hot but does not burn the eggplant.

11. Once all the eggplant is heated you can assemble your sandwich. Eggplant, cheese, sauce, repeat if necessary.


eggplant 010

You can also eat the eggplant alone as an appetizer! It is so delicious!


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