Oysters and Blueberry-Peach Crostata

I spent the fourth out on Cape Cod with family watching the fireworks and drinking ice cold beers. It was great! While I was there I tried my first ever oyster and of course I went to Connie’s bakery and got myself a blueberry peach crostata for the ferry ride home.

2012-07-05 16.10.58

I have always wanted to try oysters, something about the way people eat them always makes them look so delicious and I have always wanted to see what they were all about. The boyfriend, my aunt and I each got one fresh (yes, raw) oyster and got to dress them up the way we liked. My aunt chose a hot sauce, the boyfriend doused his in lemon and tartar sauce(this was his first oyster too), and I chose to go with just lemon. I will say that the oyster was pretty good, it was salty and lemony. The boyfriend also liked it. He said it was very interesting, and I would have to agree. Something I will definitely try again. Funny side note, I saved the shells haha.

2012-07-05 17.21.58

The peach and blueberry crostata was just delightful! I always go in thinking I will try something new, but I just can’t get enough. The pastry is light and just slightly crunchy with a sweet sugary-buttery tastes, and the peaches and blueberries are so fresh with a little sweet/tart taste. Then Connie dusts it with powdered sugar. I want another. Some day I will learn to make my own, but for now the best is just Connie’s.

Happy Friday!

2012-07-05 17.22.07


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