Q and A

I decided to take a break today from the traditional cooking post and let you know a little bit about me through a Q and A! So, let’s begin!

James and Jessica 023

What do you do in your day besides cook?

I actually go to law school right now, so most of my day is spent reading and going to class. I actually spend far too much time reading, but its fun! I know crazy, but I enjoy it! Besides that I like to go on walks, sometimes I run, and I like reading and sleeping a lot!

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is pepperoni pizza. I could eat it three times a day everyday. Actually, the boyfriend and I have to limit how much we each pizza. Eventually, when I come to that stage in my cooking, I will be making homemade pizza and pizza crust! mmmm… pizza.

Do you have any animals?

I do! I have a little baby beagle chihuahua who is my love!!! The cutest little thing ever! Ah… can’t even stand it! Sometimes I like to pretend he can talk and I like to make up what he would say in certain situations. Its great.

James and Jessica 002

Do you like sports?

I love sports! My favorite is soccer. I played for like 13 years. I also did swim, track, basketball, and probably more. I really really want to learn how to play tennis, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Who is the boyfriend?

The boyfriend is the boyfriend and we have been together for 4.5 years now… wow!!!


I would love to get to know you guys. Please answer any or all of these questions and let me know a little about yourself. If you want to know more about me please feel free to ask, I would love to share!


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