Cooking Conundrum Friday

Eventually, when I finally have time, I am going to make stuffed mushrooms. I have never made any type of dish with mushrooms myself, so I got to thinking what kinds of mushrooms can I use and how will I know if they are good when I am experimenting on my own. Here is a Quick Guide Mushroom:


<– Oyster: “have a velvety texture and a mild taste that melds well with poultry, veal, and seafood dishes”


<– Crimini: Similar to the white mushroom and can be used in most if not all recipes




<– Shiitake: “meaty flavor and texture…” good in “pasta dishes, soups, and other entrees.” Don’t eat the stems. funghi-secchi[1]

–>Porcini: “Strong woodsy flavor.” soups and pasta sauce.


<—White: “mild woodsy flavor. All purpose”


<-Portobello “deep mushroom flavor… bring heartiness to vegetarian dishes”



japanese-brown-beech-mushroom<—Beech: “crunchy texture and mild, sweet, nutty flavor… works well in stir-fries and in sauces for poultry and fish.” asparagus-morel-saute

–> Morel: “intense rich and nutty flavor and aroma… good for refined sauces and gourmet recipes”




enoki mushroom

<—Enoki: “delicate flavor and slight crunch…in salads and as soup toppers”

–> Chanterelle: “buttery flavor” simple recipesmushrooms-su-1010614-l

I hope that this has been helpful! I know that I just learned a ton of information. All of the sources for these pictures are hyperlinked to the picture, and the information about each mushroom came from Better Homes and Gardens: New Cook Book, Gift Edition, 12th edition.

Let me know what your favorites are and if you try any new recipes with these!


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