Pop, Pop

When I was younger and would have sleep overs with my friends my mom would also set up movies for me and my friends. Along with those movies she would make her own “movie theater” popcorn.

This popcorn is not is not expensive, not fancy, and so simple. All you need are three ingredients!

james and jessica 001


Bagged popcorn (preferably the 98%fat free)


Parmesan cheese

Now my mom didn’t use parmesan cheese, but I thought this would add a nice touch.

1. Pop the popcorn per bag directions

2. Melt the butter (you can use 1-2 tablespoons or more depending on how much you want)

3. Let the butter sit for a minute too cool.

4. Pour the butter over the popcorn

5. Sprinkled on the cheese!

james and jessica 003

Then Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

1. My mom would use her own popcorn machine, so you can use the same if you have one.

2. You can also add chili pepper, basil, garlic powder or any other spice that you think would taste good!

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